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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between attending a Pilates class at your local gym or attending a class at a studio like Mindful Movement Pilates Studio?

Yes, if you look, you’ll likely find that a class at a studio like Mindful Movement Pilates Studio will cost you more. But, with that said, you really get what you pay for. And if you’re like me, investing in your health is worth the few extra dollars.

We firmly believe Pilates, it’s personal. This is why we teach one on one, in a duet setting or in small classes of three. It’s an intimate atmosphere where you really get to bond with your Pilates instructor and fellow classmates. Many people have formed lifelong friendships with their Pilates classmates and instructors. Studios invest in equipment that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Education is paramount! Instructors at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio have gone through comprehensive training programs which requires hours and hours of observation, practice teaching, attending workshops, and working on their own practice. These instructors did not earn their certification to teach from the computer, nor did they do so in a weekend certification. They are passionate about Pilates and have deeply invested lots of time to learning it inside an out. Therefore- when you attend a class or private session, you are working with a highly certified and passionate instructor who is able to create a safe and effective workout for you no matter your health, size, shape, or weight. You won’t find that in a large gym class where classes are often taught in a “one size fits all” style. Pilates, it’s personal.

Pilates is the balanced approach to healthy movement. You will feel your muscles shake and stretch and move your body in new and unique ways. Pilates will never hurt your joints or cause you to pull a muscle. With Pilates, you’re not likely to strain, so there is little risk of injury. It’s safe and everyone can do Pilates. Be prepared to feel better and move better with Pilates.

Gyms aren’t the only way… think outside the box

Society knows that if you go to the gym on a regular basis, then you are focused on your health, disciplined in what you do with your body, and you work hard for physical results. Except that’s a LIE. Throw this idea out the window. Gyms are not for everyone and that is okay. There is not a one size all solution for humans. Everybody needs to do what is best for them.

Going to the gym is not always enjoyable or the only way to approach fitness. We understand. It’s filled with people being loud and cookie cutter classes where you’re bumping into the person next to you. Everyone is getting pumped up to lift heavier weights or push themselves harder on the treadmill. It’s a sweaty, loud sea of people. Group classes get group attention. It is impossible for instructors to correct form and watch for unsafe movement. — but Pilates can provide an interesting fitness alternative for those who can’t abide the gym. It is also a viable cross-training regimen for those who need to “balance things out.”

While that environment is great for people who enjoy it, it’s not for everyone. The good news is that you don’t need a gym to get into great shape. Instead, you can start doing Pilates and achieve your goals. Did you know Pilates can restore ideal posture, alleviate aches and pains, build strength, improve vitality, increase energy and reduce the chance of injury? Sounds amazing, right?

Pilates will completely change your body. You may have never considered Pilates because it isn’t touted as a hard-core exercise, like HIIT, CrossFit, or Insanity. However, Pilates is incredibly effective at reshaping your body. You can also get this full body workout at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio.

Pilates Instructors vs Personal Trainers

Pilates instructors are not personal trainers. Personal trainers usually have a set of exercises they give to everyone. They also tend to push you beyond your limits. Again, this is great for some people, but many folks are not fans of feeling like they may vomit when they work out! When you work with a Pilates instructor, they cater to your needs. They go by your cues and modify everything for your body. Their goal is to get you in shape and feeling good while also enjoying the experience. They will never yell, harangue, or harass you as you work out!

Pilates vs. Other Exercise

Now more than ever, Pilates is pertinent to the way you live your life today. Pilates is nothing like cardiovascular exercise or weight lifting. Pilates is designed to be gentle on your joints while still strengthening your muscles. You can even do Pilates on your back! You will stretch and move your body in new ways, working muscles you didn’t even know you had. It is a vastly different experience from a high-pressure gym class or a personal training session. Because of its difference from other, traditional workouts, many people think Pilates isn’t a great workout. However, we challenge you to come in for a session and not see a difference in how you look and feel!

If you’re still asking yourself if you should try Pilates, perhaps the better question is.. why haven’t you tried it? If you are feeling inspired to start Pilates, but still needing a little encouragement why not contact us. You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great! We look forward to hearing from you.

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