How Pilates Can Change Your Life


Have you tried a bunch of different exercise routines that have not helped your body? Or worse, have you ever exercised and found that your body felt worse afterwards? If this sounds like you, then I invite you to read on.

Pilates is often thought of as an exercise for toned young women. But Pilates is so more than an exercise routine. Yes, it will get you fit and help you develop long, lean muscles but Pilates will transform more than just your body. It will help transform your life. Pilates gives you the energy and stamina to do all the things you love. If you feel like you aren’t doing everything you want in life, then it is time to try an exercise routine that is right for you. With Pilates, you’ll have the desire to play with your grandkids, flirt with your husband or run that marathon you’ve always wanted to run. The difference between Pilates and other exercise routines is that it was originally created to help those with injuries grow stronger.

Joseph Pilates began rehabilitating detainees and soldiers during the WWI. He saw the opportunity to help soldiers who were still bed bound get a chance to exercise again. He used his unique knowledge of the body and his creative abilities to build the Reformer Pilates machine that we know and love today. So Pilates is meant to rehabilitate anyone’s body, no matter what condition it is in.

Mindful Movement- Pilates studio, a Dallas Pilates studio nestled in the neighborhood of Turtle Creek is designed with the same principle in mind – your overall well belling. Each certified Pilates instructor works closely with their clients to reach their goals. They also work to bring your body back in balance so you can feel your very best. And no, you do not need to be a toned, lean mom to do Pilates! Mindful Movement is for anyone who needs to improve their body in any way. And it does not matter what you are suffering from – back pain, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, weight issues, Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic fatigue, or other chronic pain issues. Pilates can help!

In fact, if you devote six months to Pilates, we can reduce many of your symptoms and help you get off of many unnecessary drugs and expensive supplements that your doctor may be prescribing. This is because we at Mindful Movement-Pilates Studio are confident our certified Pilates instructors can help you look and feel your best when our method is done consistently.

So what are you waiting for you? Whether you’re attending Dallas charity events, settling into retirement, or just simply want to feel your best, Mindful Movement- Pilates Studio will give you results you can count on. You can do the things you love, pain free and feeling better than ever. And remember, we are in the heart of Dallas, on Rawlins Street, Dallas.Tx, major cross streets are Oaklawn in between Lemmon and Cedar Springs in the “Gayborhood.” We are easy to find and excited to meet you!

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