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The value of the teacher is in their intention and action.

People often think of Pilates instructors as models of health. After all, they look great and move with ease. But Pilates instructors are human, just like you. Many of us are dealing with injuries, chronic pain, real life issues and body image issues. I was a big person living a small life. I was suffering from breast implant illness, I had gained 50 pounds, was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases and felt like an 80 year old year in a young persons body. Since explanting in June 2018, my body is slowly returning to health. I do Pilates everyday among other healing modalities. Many of us are perfectionist and will work until we fall over. We want to be everything to everyone and I realized that’s unrealistic. Self care is so important.

My decision to become a Pilates teacher was solidified after I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my early 20’s. My doctor wanted me to have back surgery and I was desperate to find a way to avoid that. I turned to Pilates for help. And I was amazed. Pilates saved my life, more than once. I also fell in love with it and began teaching it so I could help others. Later I became a certified Rossiter coach. I opened my studio and the rest is history, I opened a boutique Pilates studio in Dallas, 3720 Rawlins street off Oaklawn in between Lemon and Cedar Springs nestled in the neighborhood of Turtle Creek.

My studio offers an advantage over others because many Pilates instructors haven’t faced life changing pain. I want you to know that I know how you feel. I have been in the same shoes. I remember how difficult life was when constantly hurting. I’ve been there and done that. I am your girl to turn this ship around for you and show you what worked for me. There are no easy fixes. But I know what works and what doesn’t.

Having a deep understanding of pain due to my experience, I am the qualified Pilates and Rossiter choice you should choose. There are only two Rossiter coaches in Dallas and I am one of them, I can help you find a solution more quickly. Our clients always appreciate this. I firmly believe that the old quote “The greatest evil is physical pain” is true. That’s why I think the best gift I give my clients is freedom from physical pain. Whenever I see a client have a breakthrough, I can see the change in their face. my heart always skips a beat! This is what keeps me motivated.

I never promise miracles or set unrealistic expectations about finding pain relief. However, I know the power of Pilates combined with Rossiter, movement and consistency. It’s very important to take private Pilates/Rossiter lessons if you have an injury or chronic pain. During a private Pilates/Rossiter lesson your instructor will address specific issues in your body. This will help them get to the root cause much quicker so you will feel better faster. Once addressed we can transition you into a mix of classes (if appropriate) with your continued privates.

As helpful as Pilates/Rossiter is, your instructor is not a doctor. Every person must be cleared by their physician to do Pilates/Rossiter. We cannot medically diagnose what’s going on in your body.

Pilates/Rossiter is perfect for those who are injured or suffer from chronic pain because it is gentle and non-impactful. When describing Pilates three words come to mind: strength, stretch and control. You will practice all of these things in Pilates and learn a whole new way to move your body. It’s in these new movement patterns that the body can begin experiencing healthy movement and hitting your goals.

I work with clients often that are hopeless, taking medications to only feel better. My approach often is less is more and then we come back to it. I never chase pain, We go back to basics and often start all over, That’s ok. We start fresh and go back to the old school techniques that I know work. We will unravel your body and find the source of your pain. We Take out the bad and put in the good then repeat. Sometimes it is a short process getting someone out of chronic pain and sometimes it’s a bit of a journey, On occasion, pain has been there a long time and seeing improvement takes time but trust me it is possible. Rossiter is a two person stretching modality. It’s not taking medication, shots or laser treatment of any kind. It’s putting space back in the fascia and it is 100% natural.

My promise to my clients is to give my all when working with them. I will think outside the box to get them well. If you’re in pain, let’s do what we can do together to get you out of pain and leading a pain free life. Doing the things you love and have the energy to live an authentic pain free life. Getting started is easy, contact our studio.

What would it look like if you could lead a pain free, medication free life and step out of pain? Do I dare say, happy? I’m here to tell you, it’s possible because I’ve done it. Finally be able break up with your expensive doctor that overcharges and under delivers. Live life on your terms, not theirs.

Who Pilates is for, EVERYONE! Who Rossiter for, almost everyone. Rossiter is not for anyone that has had recent blocks in their back to numb the pain. People with pacemakers or has had a major surgery within the last 6 months. Please inquire to see if Rossiter would be a good fit for you.

Sharing my BII story hasn’t always been easy but it’s always been worth it. I want to shout from the rooftop, “Learn from my mistakes, love yourself and don’t implant’. If you or know someone that has experienced any of these symptoms after implanting breast implants, I am happy to talk to you. RA, Hashimoto’s lupus, weight gain that is resistant to come off, brain fog, Joint pain, thinning hair, grey skin, food intolerance, inflammation, ringing in ears, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, extreme muscle pain, moodiness, change in personality, sensitivity to light, vertigo, slow healing, and heart palpitation. Unfortunately, many plastic surgeons do not believe in breast implant illness but there are many that do! There is hope and there is help. Reach out to me, xo.

One life. One body, make it count.

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