How to Get through the First Pilates Reformer Class like a PRO


When you find your way into a Pilates Reformer class as a Reformer virgin here are some tips to keep you alive.

  1. Show up 10-15 minutes prior to class starting and tell your instructor that you’ve never taken a Pilates Reformer class before. Politely ask that they keep a watchful eye on you.
  2. Always pay attention to the cues that your instructor is using during the class. Be focused on your body and your movement because this is the crucial mindful aspect of any Pilates class.
  3. Ask how the Reformer operates prior to a class. Most studios will require that you attend at least one introductory Private Pilates session to get comfortable with the Pilates Reformer and to learn the essential safety requirements.
  4. Wear toe socks. They will keep you from slipping on the the Reformer footbar.
  5. Bring water with a lid, a towel and a headband.
  6. Concentrate on your workout. Concentration is one of the principles of Pilates. During a Pilates class you will learn to be more aware of your body and move more efficiently. It’s important that you focus on your workout rather than talking to your neighbor or thinking about the next thing that you will do after a class.
  7. Clean up after yourself. Every Pilates studio provides environmentally safe cleaning supplies to clean up equipment after each use. Cleaning up is part of your class. The extra minute or two that it takes to clean up the equipment can be used to talk to other students in the class and discuss the session with them. It’s a great time to connect!
  8. TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE! There is nothing worse than someone disrupting the class to check their Facebook updates or send a text message. If it’s an urgent matter please let your instructor know and step outside to take care of the call or message.
  9. Listen to your body, take breaks when needed. Some of the students in your Pilates Reformer class can be more advanced than you are and they can be performing exercise modifications that you are not ready for. Focus on YOUR body and not on the people around you.
  10. Don’t forget to breathe! Actually, if you are listening to your instructor (as you should during a Pilates class) she will remind you to breathe during each exercise.
  11. HAVE FUN!


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