Private Pilates Sessions

Kylene – Owner

Kylene is a fully certified Pilates instructor with several years of experience and the founder of Pilates Studio of Dallas. She completed a full comprehensive certification with PhysicalMind Institute in 2005. Through Pilates, Kylene has helped people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their posture, balance, quality of life and strength.

Pilates is a great way to rehabilitate after surgery, improve flexibility to avoid future injuries, and even help moms get back in shape after a baby! She has founded Pilates Studio of Dallas in 2015.

When Pilates studios were adding more Reformers and making classes larger, she went smaller. She works with clients one-on-one or in a duet. Relationships and personal service is the hallmark of her studio. She only takes 20 sessions a week. The session is customized to each person; no two bodies are alike, and she understands that. Her passion is helping every person she works with; read the Google reviews! She adores the clients that have been with her from the beginning and looks forward to helping the people she was meant to help.

Philosophy Statement: There are no greater investments in life than the ones made to benefit mind, body, and soul, for these are the avenues in which life exists. Invest in your health and what you expect from your health in return.

How often should I come to Pilates?

This all depends on you and your goals. One time a week = injury prevention. Two times a week = Strength & Flexibility. Three times a week = Full Body Transformation. Many clients do both private Pilates sessions and small group classes. We have a saying in the studio — ‘We learn in our privates and we practice in our classes!’

What will I feel?

You may feel sore after a session, especially at the beginning, and that is okay. You are moving your body in new ways, and it will take some time to get used to it.

What will Pilates do for YOU?

Pilates is a full body workout. The benefits of Pilates are where the real payoff is. You will tone your whole body, increase energy, increase range of motion and flexibility, reduce achy backs, build strength in the core to reduce tension, and improve balance and joint health. Suffer from chronic pain or chronic disease? No problem! Pilates will help you manage your symptoms.

Pilates is efficient and personalized, so you will begin to see results immediately.

Who will benefit from Pilates?

Pilates is great for new mothers regaining strength after having a baby. Mothers who need increased energy chasing kids-young and teens will also benefit. Not to mention golfers, grandparents settling into retirement, and more. If you’re looking to improve your body, are recovering from an injury, or have chronic pain, Pilates is for you! The philosophy at Pilates Studio of Dallas is hands on, eyes on.

Pilates History

Pilates was created by Joseph H. Pilates over 80 years ago and was called, Contrology. Today, we recognize the method by the name, Pilates. Mr. Pilates began to develop his work to help soldiers recover from injuries sustained during war. The first apparatus created was from the hospital bed springs, and was named the bednasium. It evolved into the Cadillac as we now know it. As Mr. Pilates developed his method, more apparatus was created, including the famous reformer. While the modern Reformer looks different than the original with claw foot legs, the same principles apply.

If you’re looking for a skilled teacher to take you through the work, Pilates Studio of Dallas is your absolute best choice for your Pilates needs. Kylene, the studio owner and teacher, hand picks each certified Pilates instructor. Everyone at the studio loves their job, and they all wholeheartedly agree how transformative Pilates can be. Kylene, the lead instructor, understands the needs of her clients because when she was in her 20’s, doctors wanted her to have back surgery for the pain she was experiencing from degenerative disc disease. She began a holistic approach to her pain through Pilates. With the relief she had from Pilates, she started her journey to helping others. Pilates saved her from having surgery. Kylene is listed as one of the top ten instructors in Dallas to work with. No matter what your fitness background or goals, Pilates Studio of Dallas will support you in achieving the happiness that comes along with a strong body and a healthy lifestyle.

Private Pilates sessions

Private Pilates sessions at Pilates Studio of Dallas

This is a great time to make Pilates a regular part of your life!

Private Pilates sessions are the Signature Service at Pilates Studio of Dallas. They are the best way to maximize your results. Our studio is conveniently located in uptown Dallas near Turtle Creek and Highland Park areas. If you need to fit private Pilates sessions into a busy work or life schedule, we make it easy for you to book an appointment, and most importantly start seeing results in your body. Our instructors will create specific programming for your personal goals and needs.