Rossiter System

Pilates Studio of Dallas is proud to offer the Rossiter System in Dallas TX. The Rossiter System is a unique, powerful pain management approach technique that quickly and effectively removes pain at its source. No drugs, no shots, and no surgery. Chronic pain can be managed naturally, and we can help. Connective tissue shortens and tightens as a result of overuse, trauma, or injury.

Rossiter Rates


Single Session
45 minutes

What is the Rossiter System?

rossiter system
The Rossiter System involves powerful two-person stretches, including YOU (the “Person in Charge”or “PIC”) and a Rossiter-Certified “Coach.” You are in charge of your body. And with Rossiter, you will determine how quickly your pain will ease, depending on how much hard work you’re willing to do. This restores mobility, loosens deep tightness quickly, and frees up space so your body can release, and heal itself. It’s designed to restore mobility and function, while reducing discomfort related to muscle tightness. In addition, it reduces pain and enhances sport performance, allowing people to live a more active, pain free lifestyle. We are your specialists when it comes to pain prevention and pain reduction. Start living the pain free life you were meant to live.

Benefits of Rossiter

The Rossiter System is an assisted stretch-based technique that has the following benefits:

  • it is powerful
  • works fast
  • helps prevent pain
  • helps relieve pain
  • helps regain and build range of motion
  • enhances performance
  • it avoids surgery
  • it addresses the problem, not just the symptoms
  • it involves the person in their own health care
  • fully clothed
  • no messy oils
  • brief sessions


Cost: $120 Per Session

How do I book: call or text: 858.652.9748

When will I see results: You felt better right away

How will I feel later: It may take a few days and lots of water before the soreness goes away, but you’ll be amazed by the relief.

How long are sessions: 30-40 Minutes

What do I wear to my session: Loose and flexible clothes, no jewelry

Cancellation Policy: 24 Hours

Appointments: All sessions are by appointment only, and are subject to the same rules as the Pilates studio.

People who may not get treated: Recent Surgery, Broken Bones, Pacemakers, Open Wounds, Rashes

How often should I come: Until your pain is gone