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Introductory Private Package

3 Private Pilates Sessions
($95 Savings)
*expires in 30 days
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New to our studio? Welcome! Three Private Introductory Pilates sessions where we get to know your body and go over your fitness goals. We cover safety, transitions, and studio etiquette.
55 minutes in duration
(Sessions expire in 30 days)

Introductory Private

1 introductory private session
($15 Savings)
*expires in 30 days
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New to Pilates and our studio? Welcome! Try our studio and see what we are all about. We know committing to a new studio can be overwhelming. We want to take the pressure off and give you a deal to try us.
55 minutes in duration
(sessions expire in 30 days)


Private Instruction

Private Pilates sessions ensure you’ll make progress in your practice. Need to work through an old injury and get back to driving the golf ball farther with consistency? Private Pilates sessions will get you there quickly. With this kind of attention don’t be surprised if you get into the best shape of your life. Each session is carefully curated to your specific needs utilizing the Reformer, chair, tower and Cadillac.

55 minutes in duration

Private Pilates

Duet Instruction

Duets (2 person session) are a great way to experience the benefits of Pilates with a partner, at a discounted rate. Duets are a good fit if you are your partner share similar goals, similar Pilates experience and both plan on consistent session attendance. You must provide your own partner. Pricing is per person. If your partner cannot attend their session, you may upgrade to a private lesson.

55 minutes in duration
Duet Pilates